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BIZ EVOLVE AFRICA AMALGAMATED (PTY) LTD. recently acquired the holdings of Aviv Paz Inc. which includes Absolute™, biz evolve™, Logistics Amalgamated Sky™, MCFS Solutions™, Talent Fit Africa™, The Hard Drive Gig Café™, Traderroute SA™, Paygate EXCHANGE™ and Zanzibar™ collectively. We are severely excited to take our client facing brands to the next new evolved level.  

Inasmuch doing so, the vision of BIZ EVOLVE AFRICA AMALGAMATED is ultimately to be listed on the JSE locally and to trade on international securities exchanges, whilst upholding our brands, creating and acquiring new ones- and continually evolve the way they do business, satisfy customers in the simplest possible processes and remain a lucrative profiting entity.

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Humble Beginnings

Our Story

From Zero to One. That's how we started and- our brands. Constantly evaluating our environment for opportunities and gaps within any market to bridge poor service delivery and fulfill a higher demand of essential services and products. Hiring managers and staff that owns a culture to learn and serve, became our winning strategy within a humble mix to become better. 

Stephan latsky


Its your Fate to Create...

Zero to One became the name of Biz Evolve Pty Ltd.'s popular product series - But it did not start there. I was at ground Zero, keeping on repeating the same efforts with the imagination that it would deliver different results... It didn't, at ground Zero I realized that if I am expecting different positive results in my efforts to grow my career, I am going to have to do something "different" and "positive". Positive to the market, positive to my career, and it demanded a long sit down on ground Zero to think about that... The most important thing was to get up, identify the immediate opportunities on ground Zero to utilize in an effort to change my career outcomes. From there on I was on step number One and not on ground Zero anymore.    

BIZ EVOLVE AFRICA AMALGAMATED does this exact thing for its clients, to help identify immediate opportunities on any ground Zero to get up from and step up. Step up to excellent customer service, seamless processes, value for money, the right culture fit tribe for our clients' organizations and most of all profitability. Beyond market paradigm shifting, beyond changes from authoritative influence, beyond ground Zero.. Evolved.   

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  • Finance  
  • Lack or no managing control
  • Non-forecasting and non-target setting
  • Aggregated business running cost
  • Unclear mission and goals
  • Non-execution of core revenue generating functions
  • Registration, Tax, VAT, BBBEE, PAYE, UIF, Compensation Fund and Tender non-compliance’s



  • Assembled control and assembled business platform creation inclusive of Registration, Tax, VAT, BBBEE, PAYE, UIF, Compensation Fund and Tender compliance’s
  • Goals Assessment
  • Acute business analysis
  • Targeted goal setting
  • Business Profiling, Plans with Eradicated corporate overarching strategy (OACS) implementation
  • Training from unconscious incompetence to conscious competence and/or role-player(s) acquisition
  • Realistic Target, Cost and Profit Planning towards goals implemented conclusive to OACS
  • Team Dynamics    



Amanda Cilliers
avant-garde Founder

I have had many ideas and ideals for many years -to run my own business. I just couldn’t get started, I didn’t know how or where to begin. Within the rut of being an employee for someone else and the responsibilities attached to it and being dependent on a wage for paying debt, made my dreams feel like a fairy-tale. For a long time I strongly felt to serve consumers within my own value added ideals to satisfy end-users within my tertiary studied philosophies acquired and slant the norm niche of any consumer journey protocols that leave exposed multiple negative side-tracks to harm consumers. The prestige dream to be my own boss – leading a ground breaking, innovation driven company, was factually an imagination. This company helped me to pick and allocate all my dreams and implement them strategically within segments until everything I always wanted became a reality. Even when the economy in which I in anticipation risked everything to be involved in endured adverse conditions due to the pandemic, they helped me to align my business basics and evolve around economic paradigm shifting. They are my business’ guardian angels if I can say that!

Johannes La Grange
Independent Law firm administrator

From Legal Case Manager to Legal Analyst to retrenched. After looking for work across the country and overseas it all came to nothing. I was low, nowhere to go. I applied for over 2500 jobs per month with no feedback. I used to be a salesman while studying and felt it would be a huge slope to go selling again but I would take anything. An add came up on social media for an entrepreneurial opportunity and I though it was one of those work from home type of things. I called anyway. In a meeting with one of Biz Evolve Africa Amalgamated's managers it quickly came to light that I was not so down and out after all. They helped me register my own business, in line with my qualifications and experience to continue doing the work I used to do, but not for a boss. I am the boss now and consult to over 25 law firms across the country. We administer law firm duties on behalf of other law firm clients. I have quadrupled my income and was able to employ like-minded and qualified people that was in the same dire position I was in just two years ago. How can I say “Thank You” enough?

Mike Plaatjies
WEB and software DESIGNER

I have been an expert in Web Java development and Software application coding for decades. As a result of retrenchment and tough times a while ago, I decided to start up my own gig. I was enthusiastic as I knew my game but a few months down the line, the business folded. I approached Biz Evolve Africa Amalgamated for help, initially for a job interview… I didn’t get the job, instead they helped me reset my business, added effective changes to my gig and allot of other things I should have done the first time round, but I didn’t know so I guess that's what they’re there for too. My business is going great, I have employed more people as the demand of our customers in line with the changes Biz Evolve Africa Amalgamated introduced attracted them to my talents. There is a sister company within Biz Evolve Africa Amalgamated that also registered my new staff for all red tape compliance’s and they still manage our nitty gritty stuff to this day while me and my team can focus on designing and developing software. All thumbs up!

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