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BIZ EVOLVE AFRICA AMALGAMATED is a South African based holding company empowering client-facing brands and entrepreneurs with an eccentric approach by paving entrenched platforms for their lucrative business endeavors.


Business analysis companies in the market trend to indefinitely stand aside from their clients post consultations and merely issue a plan related to their analytic findings. They receive their fee and abandon their clients. There is no partnership competitor company in this market and as a result the gap has been identified and the above continued solutions remedy the issue. 

Apart from maintaining a healthy business platform client-facing brands have major challenges to acquire, satisfy and retain customers. Our aim is to primarily assist in establishing a successful corporate framework for our clients, from where a healthier and competent business platform derives from; secondarily our aim is to analyze our clients processes from customer acquisition to retention and implement corrections based on statistics and fact findings. We journey together with our clients and partake in their risks within this process until satisfactory levels have been reached.


Biz Evolve Africa Amalgamated establishes widespread job opportunities in communities across South Africa and holds a corporate responsibly program aiding the homeless and less fortunate citizens with its profits. We cater comprehensive business analysis’s and unconventional corporate overarching strategies for our companies, enabling them to recognize their own competitive environment and its shifting cycles whilst continuing to meet their clients needs and achieve extraordinary results. For our standard trading terms kindly refer to our Online Service Level agreement: SLA Terms and Conditions Biz Evolve Africa Amalgamated PTY LTD and subsidiaries here. WE ARE A B-BBEE LEVEL 4 CONTRIBUTOR: 100% PROCUREMENT RECOGNITION



With our vast toolkit and access to a wide array of resources, we provide our clients with qualitative and quantitative research to help form a balanced and informed approach to critical decisions.

Research Acumen

We identified this gap in the market to partner with our clients, venture together in resolving analysis findings and be remunerated in accordance with their new found profits.

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