Talent Fit Africa is a leading management consulting firm that specializes in human resources consulting services and solutions.

Our agile methodology allows us to be flexible depending upon our clients’ needs. Managed solutions that generates repeatable value, an impressive return on investment and the most precise hiring results.

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Candidate Sourcing with Precision
Our Talent Pipelining solution accelerates the front-end of your recruitment process: researching, identifying, engaging and pre-screening candidates.

Talent Pipelining is designed to specifically address the issues that most Recruitment functions often face: capacity and capability challenges.
Talent Pipelining
Our rigorous search methodology is anchored by deep research, targeted talent pipelines and innovative sourcing tools. This ensures the best candidate options, every time.
Your Competitive Advantage
Qualified and pre-screened candidates tailored to your needs.
Passive, previously unidentified talent ready for hiring.
Pipeline of candidates which can be continually revisited.
Access to on-demand talent hunter capability that expedites your hiring process.
Targeted candidate research by geographical region and industry.
Competitive intelligence to help you plan ahead.
Scalable to meet the changing needs of your organization.
Itemized reporting and updates to help keep your stakeholders informed.
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